Laguna Beach restaurants are beginning to open for dine-in and/or patio dining. This is a list of those who have opened to date. Watch for dates of more openings this week here in this blog and in my Instagram and Facebook platforms.

Please share the news! This is alphabetical & only lists restaurants that have personally confirmed with @bestoflagunabeach. (Restaurant owners, DM me.)

NOTE: Masks required by all patrons entering and exiting. Social distancing protocols in play.

These restaurants are most recent to report their openings:

– 🍸Sapphire, Cellar. Craft. Cook – Opened Thursday (South Central Laguna)
– 🍸The Cliff Laguna Beach – Opened Thursday for patio and dine-in (Downtown)
–  🍷Oliver’s Osteria – patio and dine-in @oliversosteria – Opened Friday, May 29th (Laguna Canyon by Sawdust)
– 🍸Starfish Laguna – patio and dine-in – Opened Friday, May 29th (South Laguna)
– 🍸The Drake Laguna – patio and dine-in – Opened, Friday, May 29th (South Laguna)
– 🍸The Deck Laguna opened Mon, June 1st – patio (Central Laguna)
– 🍷Harvest at the Ranch opened Mon, June 1st – patio and dine-in (South Laguna)

These restaurants opened for patio/dine-in earlier this week. 

– 🍷Alessa – patio and dine-in @alessabychefpirozzi (Forest Ave, downtown)
– 🌮Asada Tacos + Beer – patio and dine in (North Laguna)
– 🌮Avila’s El Ranchito – patio and dine in @avilaselranchito (South Central)
– ☕️C’est la Vie – patio and dine-in (Downtown)
– 🌮Coyote Grill – patio and dine in (South Laguna)
– 🍷Dizz’s As Is – patio and dine in (South Laguna)
– 🥂GGs Bistro – patio only @ggs_bistro (Restaurant Row on Coast Hiway downtown)
– 🍺Gina’s Pizza & Pastaria (HIP District)
– ☕️Heidelberg Cafe – patio and dine-in (HIP District)
– ☕️Kitchen in the Canyon – patio and dine-in (Laguna Canyon)
– 🍺Laguna Beach Beer Company – patio and dine in (Laguna Canyon next to Sawdust)
– 🍹Las Brisas – patio and dine-in
– 🍷Lumberyard – dine in and limited patio (Downtown)
– 🥧Moulin – limited seating (Downtown)
– 🍸Mozambique – roof top only @mozambiqueoc (HIP District)
– 🍸Nick’s – patio and dine-in (Downtown)
– 🍷Nirvana Grille – roof deck and dine-in (Downtown)
– 🍸Oak Laguna – patio and potential dine-in (HIP District)
– ☕️Penguin Cafe – limited seating (Central Laguna)
– 🍷Reunion Kitchen – dine-in (North Laguna)
– 🍹Royal Hawaiian – patio and dine-in open (North Laguna)
– 🍷Selanne Steak Tavern – dine-in (South Central Laguna)
– 🍺Skyloft roof deck only @skyloftoc (Downtown)
– 🍺Slice Pizza – dine in (Downtown)
– 🍣Sushi Laguna – patio and dine-in (Downtown)
– 🍸230 Forest – patio and dine-in (Downtown)
– ☕️Urth Caffe – patio and dine-in (North Laguna)
– 🍷Zeytoon Cafe – rooftop dine-in (North Laguna)
– ☕️Zinc Cafe – limited seating (Downtown)

These restaurants are coming next week! 

– 🍸Broadway by Amar Santana opens Mon, June 8th – dine-in (Downtown)
– 🍷Driftwood Kitchen opens Mon, June 8th – patio and dine-in (Central Laguna)
– 🍷Wine Gallery opens mid-June – patio and dine-in (Central Laguna)

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