For those of you who suspect you will be looking for a new fitness regime after these many weeks of holiday celebration, I have just the answer for you – Yvonne Bishop’s Essence of Health studio.

A couple weeks ago on a Saturday morning, I dropped in to my first spin class-rowing class combo, and what a wake-up call it was! Yvonne has amazing spin bikes – Real Ryders – that actually tilt and lean as you pedal. As an 11-year spin class enthusiast, and as a 6-year teacher of spin, the Real Ryders were a whole new challenge to the ol’ core (exactly where I need to be challenged).

At the start of the spin class, Yvonne distributed heart monitors to every participant, and helped us dial in age and weight accordingly. While we were able to check our own bike monitors for an update, Yvonne circled regularly, checking up on each of our “heart stats” as we worked our way through a rigorous half hour of spin. Having her there to tell us where our heart rates and percentages should be was an awesome plus – I’ve been taking spin classes at several gyms and with several teachers and have never had that sort of feedback. It’s truly the safest and smartest way to work out, especially for people who are just getting back into a fitness routine.  

Just as I was (finally) getting accustomed to the tilt and lean of my bike, we shifted to a half hour of rowing on Yvonne’s Indoor Water Rowers. Again, coming from the competitive world of outrigger paddling, this was yet another activity that some of my muscles recognized, but most of ’em were rather stunned to be called into service. A day later, as I did my usual beach trot down to the Montage Resort, my exhausted legs were yipping at me like unhappy Chihuahuas. It was good exhaustion, though … I needed this sort of workout shake-up.

Tucked in next to the Laguna Nursery, Yvonne also offers Barre classes, TRX suspension and gravity training, and individual training sessions that include reformer and mat Pilates. This gal isn’t just dabbling in this arena. She’s devoted more than 20 years to personal training and nutritional consulting, and has a growing list of ardent fans. Give Yvonne a call at (949) 554-4555 to dial in a fitness routine before you get any further into the New Year feeling like a pudge. 

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