WHERE: Sorrento Grille Wine Dinner with Cakebread Wine Cellars

DATE: Wednesday, Feb. 9th

TIME: 6:00 pm

LOVE INVESTMENT: $75 per person

RSVP: 949-494-8686 or go online for more: http://sorrento-grille.com

You know when you tour Napa Valley and wind up with a favorite wine maker you follow the rest of your life? Well, Cakebread is it for me . . . since about 1988. If you follow this boutique wine company’s track record, you’ll discover that this favorite of mine has actually panned out as a GLOBAL favorite. This wine is a superior creation so, in my humblest opinion, you win 10 million bonus points with your Valentine date when your RSVP for this event.

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This coming Wednesday, it’s a Cakebread Wine Dinner in concert with the always creative Laguna Beach Sorrento Grille chefs. This is the first in a series of creative dinner pairings for the Sorrento restaurant and it features a five-course exclusive menu by Executive Chef Ryan Adams. You’ll choose from items such as wild mushroom salad, seared lamb loin, house made pasta in shellfish cream sauce, braised ox tail, a dark chocolate cherry brownie and more, more more.

The Sorrento Grille is a formidable 2-story restaurant at 370 Glenneyre Street, just a block south of Forest (the main street in downtown Laguna Beach). This Laguna Beach restaurant favorite sits on the corner of Glenneyre and Mermaid.

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