As if last weekend wasn’t good enough, I discovered that my favorite breakfast joint for the most amazing breakfast burritos in Laguna Beach is now open on SUNDAYS, too. Once you have a breakfast burrito at Feast, you’ll know why I’m doing the Snoopy Dance over here.

Here’s the straight fact: After a long night at the Sandpiper or White House, you might be one of those folks who feels a need for a good, hearty breakfast the morning after.

Now, granted, most of Laguna Beach’s breakfast nooks are just as extreme and sublime in their menu efforts as their favored dinner counterparts, but there’s one small little corner joint that serves up the meanest, sauciest, steamiest breakfast burrito without a single nod to poached anything. In fact, Laguna Feast Mexican Food is so South-of-the-border authentic that if its counter staff WERE to offer an apology, it would come at you in Spanish.

Walk into Feast at the corner of Glenneyre and St. Ann’s and you’re walking into Old World Mexico – and these folks aren’t even trying. Small formica tables and chairs crowd the interior and side patio while Spanish TV soap operas blare from the TV hung in the corner. The place is as neat as a pin, though, and you’ll be greeted with a wide, cordial smile.

Choose your breakfast burrito stuffed with egg and your choice of meat – ham, sausage, chorizo, or chicken or beef machaca – and ask for a green chili smother. Then, let the griddle master work his masterpiece as you take in the Spanish soap of the hour. Three minutes later, you’ll have a 2-pound beauty in your hands, steaming with fresh chili and about a half pound of cheese.

Where to find this Laguna Beach breakfast masterpiece:
Take it to go, exit on St. Ann’s and head just one block west, across PCH to the St. Ann’s St. access to the beach. It’s a lovely little cove, perfectly situated for tackling this $5 uber breakfast gem.

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