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For the record, each weekday morning I drive from my South Laguna Beach home past THREE coffee houses to go to Laguna Coffee. Yes, I own my own coffee maker – quite a beauty, as a matter of fact. It wouldn’t matter if I owned ten coffee makers – I need Laguna Coffee to properly start my day.

Yes, I’m of the opinion they have the best coffee in town. But, beyond that, Laguna Coffee has an amazing bunch of ecclectic people rambling in and out, most of whom are residents, and many of which have fairly become bosom buddies. Owned by Paul & Cathy Ackley and Peggy Warner, the staff couldn’t be nicer, either. Small wonder, then,  that you see stacks of people lined up in the mornings for their favorite cup of joe. In  earlier days of this blog, I’ve written about the shop’s unique mojo here: Laguna Beach Best Coffee

While Laguna Coffee is always hopping with activity, great music, chatter at tables and even occasional dialogues from one end of the room to the other, it hops at a whole new level on Saturdays during the Laguna Coffee Saturday Morning Live Jazz Jam. At about 9:30, you’ll see local professional musicians wheeling in BIG instruments – we’re not talking clarinets here . .. we’re talking full-on pianos, cellos, electric guitars, and enough horns to fill a symphony. These guys squish and jam themselves into about 6 square feet of space  … they always seem to relegate Rusty and his drums to the tiny fissure between the window and the giant coffee roaster … and then proceed to fill every corner of the place with the finest jazz you’ll hear.

People crowd in, shoulder to shoulder, and overflow to the tables and street beyond for a solid two hours as the boys go to town. If you’re a jazz fan of ANY age, this is a fun Saturday morning venture any time of the year.

Laguna Coffee is at 1050 S. Coast Highway. It sits on the inland side of PCH about halfway between Anita and Oak streets. Hours are Monday-Friday: 6am – 5pm; Saturday: 6:30 am – 5pm; Sunday: 7am – 3pm

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