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Ruben Flores, the owner of Laguna Nursery, wasn’t just born with a green thumb – he’s ALL green. He just looks at dirt and it rumbles up with spiky greens and floral somethings in seconds. 

No surprise then, that Ruben has also become something of a well-intentioned Pied Piper of Green Thumbs (and Brown Thumbs) everywhere when he embarks on a gardening advice tour. Every month or so, Ruben suddenly announces a Laguna Nursery Garden Tour and people immediately begin to queue up for yet another magical mystery tour of Laguna Beach’s best commercial and residential gardens. 

The next Garden Tour is this Sunday, May 25th, beginning at 10:00 a.m. The Tour is free. 

Is this a planned itinerary? Absolutely not. That would take all the fun out of the tour.

Ruben asks that you simply show up at Laguna Nursery (1370 S. Coast Highway) before 10:00 a.m. with a good set of walking shoes on. From there, Ruben leads his pack of advanced and wanna-be horticulturists to all sorts of hidden garden gems, all the while dispensing gardening advice along the way.

Over the next hour or so, expect to receive gardening advice on sun, shade, watering, slopes, pest eradication and more on anything from Asters to Zinnias (and every tree, herb and vegetable in between). It’s the easiest and most entertaining gardening advice you’re ever going to receive. 

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