I’ve written about Ruben Flores’ Laguna Nursery wonderland on several occasions, but haven’t yet covered the lovely holiday decor he brings into the shop for incoming holiday shoppers.

Aside from a fantastic array of gorgeous poinsettias at Laguna Nursery, you’ll find unique holiday decor, holiday ribbon, tree ornaments, bells and baubles artfully tucked into corners, strewn in table displays, and hanging from the rafters. Be prepared to spend some time in Ruben’s incredible nursery because one trip around isn’t going to suffice. There’s so much to see and spy that you really need to make at least three trips through, your neck craned at different angles each time.

Laguna Nursery is at 1370 S. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, 92651. It sits between Mountain Road and Cress Street on the inland side of PCH. Call them at (949) 494-5200


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