Dolce-Gealto-best gelato Laguna Beach

 Just a half block up from Main Beach, you’re going to find one incredibly tasty treat for the entire family. It’s gelato, and I’d venture to say it’s the best gelato in Laguna Beach. 

Dolce Gelato owners Rick and Claudia Baedeker opened Dolce Gelato in 2010 with a very famous recipe in their pockets. For years, they had been friends with Italian American Maria Coassin, the Grand Dame of Seattle’s famous “Gelatiamo,” and apprenticed by her side in the daily hand-making process of gelato.

Unlike most gelato stores (even others here in Laguna Beach), Dolce’s Chef Lindsey Nelson hand-makes their gelato each and every morning, and tosses in some lovely baked pastry desserts, too (apple turnovers and raspberry cobbler definitely worth a take-home treat). 

Between gelato and sorbet, Dolce offers more than 25 flavors of each and introduces three featured flavors each week. For gelato, try Lindsey’s fantastically original and fluffy Salted Maple Caramel, Habanero Chocolate, Sweet Basil or Thai Peanut Butter gelatos. Best selling sorbets includes Grapefruit Hibiscus, Strawberry Mango Lime, Arnold Palmer and Cucumber Lime. (Trust me on this – she’s just getting started.)

Always an easy in-and-out, Dolce is a perfect, light ending to a day on the beach (or after downing a heavier meal for that matter . . . like at Carmelita’s just down the street.) 

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