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Bestselling author James Patterson has sold more than 300 million copies of his books worldwide, and now he’s giving back to the people who have helped him reach that status – independent bookstores.

In late February, he announced that he’s beginning to give away $1 million of his personal fortune as a “James Patterson grant” to independent bookstores across the country. He’s given away a “first stage” of the commitment to 55 bookstores, each of the stores receiving grants that range from $2,000 to $15,000.

Let’s help Laguna Beach Books, our beloved independent bookstore here in Laguna Beach, receive one of these grants! Just take 30 seconds, click here, and complete the second box.

When the bookstore opened in the Old Pottery Place at  Brooks Street and Coast Highway, many wondered if the indy would make it. Much larger independent entities were closing their doors, even in main Laguna Beach, and the trend seemed to be moving to online behemoths.

But, thanks to an extremely unique selection of eclectic books, rare collectors’ items and an ongoing flurry of monthly authors’ events in support of local and national writers worldwide, Jane Hanauer’s Laguna Beach Books has earned the respect and following of thousands. Through even the leanest months, Laguna Beach Books has remained dedicated to readers of many generations. 

It’s store Manager’s Lisa Childers’ job to hire staff members who are passionate about books and read like crazy people. The store’s bookshelves are lined with index cards, each hand-written quick synopses of books that staff members have personally read. Or, just walk in and say you like this author or this genre, and you’ll be sure to receive some new recommendations. (I call it the Pandora of Books Stores.)

Say your thanks to Laguna Beach Books with a simple click and vote at James Patterson’s grant site here


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