As much as we love our tourists for their economic boost, we locals can’t help but feel a bit of happy-happy joy when Labor Day creates that invisible cut off day. While our city remains much busier year-round now, it’s still a welcome relief to be able to drive from one end of town to the other in less than 45 minutes. I’m starting a new series here called “Living on the Edge,” which focuses on more locally-centric “pop up” events and specials around town during our off-season months. If you have events or locals’ discounts to be declared, email me at

A Pub Crawl That’s Actually Become … Sensible?

I’ve been fairly pelted with “Tourists Be Gone” party invitations these last two weeks.

I’ve also found it rather interesting that the old “Take Back the Town” locals’ pub crawl might be making a comeback, this time, though, with much greater sensibility: People are renting party busses instead of trying to drive or perambulate themselves through town.

If you’re a resident long enough to remember, the annual event would start at the Royal Hawaiian in North Laguna, hit local favorites downtown (namely Marine Room and Saloon), then slowly wind its way south to eventually stop at The Dirty Bird and Tortilla Flats (the latter of which Mozambique briefly inherited before the crawl was, ehrmm, laid to rest).

This last weekend, the Royal Hawaiian reported two “pub crawl” party busses, and they’ve received (gracious) calls warning them of incoming bus crawlers this coming weekend, too.

Vino & Vinyl – First Tuesday of Every Month

For those of you not gifted with the organization gene for people and party busses, The Ranch at Laguna Beach is offering two events this week that would qualify as locals’ parties, too.

Always on the first Tuesday of each month, it’s Vino and Vinyl on the Ranch’s patio.

Mark Christy trundles out his turntable and speakers and treats patio guests to about 3 hours of monthly album picks from his personal collection. He makes a great DJ, explaining historical and personal history stories connected to each “theme” of the month.

Guests staying at The Ranch always wander up for the event, but the patio primarily belongs to Laguna locals who regularly show for kibitzing purposes. It’s a super de-stressor and a unique effort on Mark’s part. It’s proven quite the sustainable, underground party.

Lost Pier Party – Wed, Sept. 4th

Then, The Ranch’s little sister – the Lost Pier Café at Aliso Creek Beach – is hosting a locals’ party tomorrow (Wednesday. Sept. 4th), from 3:00 – 8:00 p.m. I’m a big fan of the Lost Pier, even mentioned it in my article for best Labor Day picks last week!

On Wednesday, the café team is inviting everyone down for sunset with music, games, firepit s’mores and more.

Note: Keep in mind that even though we’re locals, the Aliso Creek parking lot doesn’t recognize our esteemed citizenship. Either park on the street and hoof it down on the handy path or pay the meters to avoid a parking ticket.

Get out of the burrow you’ve called home all these summer months and reconnect with your local pals. I’ll see you out there!

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