love potion #10 - Starfish Asian Cuisine

As a late entry for consideration this Valentine’s weekend, make a beeline to Starfish Asian Cuisine for Mixologist Neil Skewes’ Valentine’s Weekend libation, “Love Potion #10.” (Because, really, why stop at less than perfection?) 

Because this annual favorite requires dry ice, the primary ingredients of this cupid’s brew was stirred up a few days ago to allow for its chemistry to blend and meld, but the real smoke and magic couldn’t be added until the day of its release. Always a sucker for love, I promised Neil I’d be in late this afternoon, Valentine’s Day” to try the “first press tasting” of said passion potion. 

And what a love potion this is. Passion fruit purée (this purple fruit started in Brazil, if that gives you any clues) … red pepper spice (because what’s passion without some, uhmm, heat?), top-shelf vodka and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Simple, yes. Sublime, absolutely. Just like true love, it’s smooth all over with a tantalizing linger of spice.

Rumor has it that when you make a love wish while drinking Love Potion #10, that love wish comes true. (A word to the wise – if you have more than one serving, ensure that your wish remains the same, or your life could get REALLY crazy in a not so good way.) 

 This Starfish concoction is as fleeting as some love stories – it’s only available until the last drop is drained … and then you have to wait a whole, long year to make that wish. Best get into Starfish Asian Cuisine early this weekend, my friends. It’s definitely worth the trip.   


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