Roasted Chicken Dinner -Lumberyard

Most of us locals here in Laguna Beach are big fans of resident-friendly Lumberyard Restaurant.

Their happy hours rock … their food is a nice combo of comfort food (the only chicken pot pie in town; it is ungodly) and great foodie fare (cedar planked Salmon) … they provide amazing, under-the-radar non-profit support … and their MFL (Monday Night Football) nights with all night happy hour AND Chef Armando’s grilled cheese … well, that’s just pure love.

So, just the other day I found out about another service I was completely unaware of. Time to share it with the masses! (And it’s not a paid advertisement, ha.)

Each day, the Lumberyard Restaurant cooks up its own herb-encrusted rotisserie chickens to use solely for that menu item alone. Any day of the week, though, you can call in for their Roasted Chicken Dinner To Go. It’s just $28! What a great idea for busy school and work nights.

Each order feeds 4 people with the entire roasted chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes and their famous skillet cornbread. I think thats phenomenal.

Just call the Lumberyard 20-30 minutes in advance at (949) 715-3900. If you’d like, you can call again when you’re just around the corner and they’ll trot the entire dinner out to your car. This, my friends, is why we love the Lumberyard.


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