4-week old harbor seal

This 4-week old harbor seal (Ziggy) arrived at the PMMC less than 24 hours old. Photo credit: PMMC

With more than 100 sick seals and sea lions already piling into our little hospital in the Canyon, The Pacific Marine Mammal Center knows it’s in for a big summer ahead. They’ve already set up their “mini-clinic” in Huntington Beach, a temporary hospital for the heaviest months of the season, and are busy training lifeguards up and down the coast.

These people are absolutely non-stop as they work around the clock to nurse our ailing pinnipeds and, as the PMMC operates entirely on personal donations and grants, I can’t do enough to draw attention and support to this amazing resource.

Happily, Chefs Luis and Lindsay at Nirvana Grille are also committed to bringing attention and support to the PMMC, and it just happens to be a really delicious solution, too.

On Tuesday, March 15th, the Rosales family is celebrating their 8th year in business here in Laguna Beach with a huge “gratitude” party at Nirvana Grille that benefits the PMMC and The Friendship Shelter. Tickets are just $75 per person and include (sincerely) hearty hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. RSVPs are required by calling the restaurant in advance, (949) 497-0027, or by signing in at their website, NirvanaGrille.com

Their son, Diego, was also involved in the decision on where the proceeds from the party will go, as the family has specifically enjoyed their affiliation with the PMMC and Friendship Shelter over the years.

“A few years ago, Diego and his kindergarten class adopted a sea lion at the PMMC named Penguin,” says Chef Lindsay. “They raised money for Penguin and got to visit at the PMMC, and then were there at Penguin’s release … how many kids in the world get to have that kind of experience?” asks Chef Lindsay.

For those of us who reside here in the special town of Laguna Beach, I’d venture the same question … how many people on this planet get to enjoy the amazing work the PMMC has been doing for decades? Certainly a global leader in the rescue and rehabilitation of seals and sea lions, the PMMC deserves the kind of relentless support that they provide their healing patients.

I’ll be there on Tuesday, March 15th. It’s a fantastic cause, of course, and it’s an even greater celebration of all that’s right in this world of ours with duo raised glasses to the grass roots success of family-owned Nirvana Grille and the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. Call Nirvana Grille to secure your ticket, (949) 497-0027.



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