The Men’s 65th Annual Laguna Open Doubles Beach Volleyball Tournament – the world’s longest running volleyball tournament – will be this Saturday and Sunday, June 1 and 2 at Main Beach, along with the first annual “Battle of the Beaches” four-person city championship.

Play on both days will start around 9:30 a.m. and go all day. There is no cover charge, but seating is limited, especially on Sunday.

For years, the best players in the world have gathered in Laguna to play in this “open,” or highest level tournament. The historic Laguna Open has seen all the stars and most of our Olympians grace Main Beach since 1955, making it the world’s longest running “open” tournament. The tournament is sponsored by the City of Laguna Beach, the California Beach Volleyball Association, and p1440.

P1440 is five-time Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings’ event series and digital community. P1440’s mission is to revolutionize and revitalize the volleyball industry and inspire everyone to live the 1,440 minutes in each day with purpose by providing a robust and trusted platform for aspiring and professional athletes, fans, and those seeking to live a life of intention, inspiration, and optimization.

Volleyball legends Randy Stoklos, Sinjin Smith, Tim Hovlan, and Mike Dodd with guests Steve Obradovich and Dane Selznick will be doing play-by-play on Saturday and Sunday’s livestream at

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