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Students from Anneliese School had a fun sort of field trip Monday when they visited the Sand Mandala “Compassion” painting being created by the Tibtan Monks here in Laguna Beach.

In its fifth and final day, the Sand Mandala continues to morph and transform before our eyes – still extraordinary after watching for five straight days! Closing ceremonies for the dissolution of the Mandala is Tuesday at the Neighborhood Congregational Church in Laguna Beach, at the corner of Glenneyre and St. Anne’s. You’d better believe I’m going to be there!

As noted previously, I have a photo gallery here: www.JustAddWaterPhotography.com – I have the Sand Mandala’s daily photos in one gallery, and have just finished a second gallery devoted to the monks learning how to ocean kayak for the first time in their lives last Friday. ANY PRINTS YOU PURCHASE from these two galleries will benefit the monks directly – I’m giving ALL proceeds to these lovely spiritual guides who’ve truly blessed us this week in Laguna Beach.

I’ll be loading up Tuesday’s dissolution ceremony shortly!

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