Ranch Movie night in Laguna Beach

If this summer seems entirely chaotic to you, too, I’ve got the perfect remedy for you and the kids (and I’m letting you know well in advance so that you can plan).

This coming Friday evening (Aug. 14), The Ranch is setting up their giant movie screen for yet another free Movie Night at The Ranch on the first fairway. This time, they’re featuring “Honey I Shrunk The Kids,” the original 1989 tent-pole movie that led to two sequels and three years of television shows.

This Walt Disney flick had a classic Disney premise – a slightly disheveled and frustrated inventor accidentally shrinks his kids to ¼ of an inch and throws them into the backyard with the trash. The hapless kids must fend off every sort of backyard evil while working their way back to safety (the patio door).

The movie was an unexpected box office grand slam, earning an excess of $220 million worldwide, which was a whole lot of money back in the late 1980s. To this day, movie critics claim it’s the best live-action Disney movie ever made. Even with the 1980s clothes, hairstyles and living room decor, the movie is timeless fun.

Bring blankets and low-backed chairs but no outside food, please. An enormous taco station, full bar (for the grownups) and popcorn station open at 6:30 p.m. Hay rides and lawn games are also available until the sun goes down and the reels start rolling.


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