Laguna Nursery Spa La La Party I know you have a million parties already filling your December calendar, but this is a fun one that only 20 people can attend. And I’m co-hosting it!

Next Tuesday, Dec. 9th, Ruben Flores is opening Laguna Nursery to a V.I.P. party that we’re calling “The Holiday Décor and Survival Party.” You can RSVP me directly at to reserve your spot.

From 6:00 to about 8:30 pm., you’ll be one of just 20 people allowed free after-hours roaming and shopping of the Nursery’s massive holiday décor (with Starfish Asian’s appetizers and holiday drinks in hand).

Then, we’re sitting down to a quick Q-and-A from Ruben on the do’s and don’ts of creating a spectacular holiday look in your home. From there, it’s mini facial tips (don’t worry, you don’t have to strip your makeup), quick detox tips to help you keep the holiday binge and bulge under control, and cool samples from the organic world of Arbonne.

280 LBB front cover 2014

As an added bonus, anyone who purchases $100 or more of Arbonne’s luxe cosmetic and facial line or Laguna Nursery’s gorgeous supply, I’ll throw in my soon-to-be-printed revised book, The Best of Laguna Beach as a free gift! The book has grown to include another 35+ reviews and tips, all of which are still my completely objective local’s view of what truly is the best of Laguna’s dining, coffeehouses, happy hours, bars, activities, hiking and events. The book will be available right around the New Year. Ruben and I are serious about the 20-only attendees. Grab a friend and RSVP to me a soon as you can: See you next Tuesday evening!

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