Chef Lindsay Smith-Rosales -MC This morning in StuNewsLaguna, Shaena reminded us all that Chef Lindsey at Nirvana Grille always offers a 10% giveback on Sunday evenings. (Just one more reason why I adore this great lady – she just has so much more going on than chefery.) As the article notes:

At Nirvana Grille every Sunday, diners are able to donate 10 perfect of their total check to the non-profit, school or church of their choice. It’s totally up to you, the diner, where the donation goes. Since Sundays are traditionally “family days,” Chef Lindsay thought it would be the perfect day to hold such a program.

There’s no cap on the amount of money the restaurant will donate back – or on the number of people that can participate – either. In fact, large groups are encouraged – the bigger the check, the bigger the donation. “If someone spends $1000 in a month on Sundays, we give 10 percent of that ($100) to their charity of choice. We send a check – and note on the subject line that the donation was on behalf of the diner,” explains Chef Lindsay.

What a great way to dine on truly one of the finest menus in town, and give to your charity of choice at the same time.


For me, with the PMMC (Pacific Marine Mammal Center) already rescuing double the number of seals and sea lions now than at this same time last year, I’m devoting my 10% to the great folks there. Please keep the PMMC in mind as they head into their “busy season” of rescues and rehabilitations.

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