[singlepic id=6 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]Quite by coincidence, I headed into the famed Laguna Beach Kya Restaurant  tonight for a rare sit at the bar for a small plates dinner (Truthfully, I was craving K’ya’s unmatchable Cassoulet soup.) Little did I know that K’ya Bistro is participating in Orange County Restaurant Week, Feb 27th – March 5th and, after perusing the other restaurant special menus for the week ahead, I’ve got to tell you – K’ya should NOT be a coincidence for you and your week’s schedule ahead.

Get in this place. Seriously. If you visit no other restaurant in all of Orange County this week, hit K’ya!

For $20 . . . and from 4:30  p.m. to close . . .  you have a 3-course dinner AND wine. And, as you know from my previous K’ya column entries, there’s not a bad meal at K’ya on its 80-entree small plate menu.

For this week’s Restaurant Week, choose from K’ya’s 3 starters, the Ahi Poke (best in town), Hearts of Romaine salad, or Soup du Jour (tonight was Chicken Tortilla Soup, which now is jousting with my Top 5 soups in Laguna Beach).

THEN, order an entree of filet mignon or picatta style talapia with risotto (my choice tonight, fabulous) or lobster truffle risotto or chicken marsala.

THEN, it’s dessert – choose from Chocolate Torte with fresh berries or Banana Bread Pudding with ice cream ( I was talked into the latter by  the seat mate next to me, former long-time owner of the oh-so-famous Saloon ) and boy oh boy, this man has impeccable taste in dessert fare.)

And THEN you get a glass of wine on top of it!

It’s all for $20 flippin’ dollars. Are you CRAZY? What are you sitting there for??!

Restaurant Week ay K’ya in Laguna Beach = Sheer nirvana.

(So spoiled rotten living here in Laguna Beach.)

P.S. Plenty of other Laguna Beach restaurants participating in Restaurant Week that are worthy of mention:

The phenomenal 230 Forest, French 75, GG’s Cafe Bistro, House of Big Fish & Cold Beer (same owners of K’ya), Royal Hawaiian, Sorrento Grille, Sundried Tomato, and The Rooftop (above K’ya, same great chef).

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