Laguna Beach's Best - Official Travel Guide for Laguna Beach

Initially released in 2013, the  Official Travel Guide for Laguna Beach is a 4-color, 270-page book on all the best food, drinks, places and events in Laguna Beach. 

Written from a local’s perspective, Laguna Beach’s Best is an objective, insider’s travel guide to Laguna Beach. Avoid all the tourist fare and traps and, instead, make a beeline for the places the locals go to enjoy the finest food, drink, views, activities and calendar events in Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach’s Best, the official travel guide for Laguna Beach, offers nine different sections, including

  • The Best Fine Dining  in Laguna Beach 
  • The Best Casual Dining and Lunches  in Laguna Beach 
  • The Best Coffeehouses and Breakfasts  in Laguna Beach 
  • The Best Bars & Happy Hours  in Laguna Beach 
  • The Best Snacks and Desserts in Laguna Beach
  • The Best Shopping in Laguna Beach
  • The Best Weekly and Monthly Events in Laguna Beach, including a complete “best of” event rundown in every month of the year
  • The Best Places Locals Go & What Locals Do
  • The Best Holiday Events (Easter, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s)

See Inside! A mini version of the Official Travel Guide for Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach’s Best also offers information on the free shuttle schedule, parking lots around town, dog-friendly places, and free wi-fi locations. Updated yearly, the Official Travel Guide for Laguna Beach can be found in wide regional distribution, and can be ordered online through Laguna Beach Books, (the originator blog behind the Travel Guide), and at

Go where the locals go, and reign as The Insider Supreme with the only book you’ll ever need – the Official Travel Guide for Laguna Beach.

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