Last year as the college football season rolled into play, Skyloft hoisted a flag that caused quite a stir – an Ohio State Buckeyes flag, a mere 2,250 miles from the famed Columbus, Ohio Buckeyes stadium.

While it took residents and visitors by surprise, it certainly didn’t deter the hundreds of OSU Buckeyes fans who began to appear out of the woodwork to watch every football game in Skyloft’s main level bar.

What started as a trial run turned into a sea of happy red as both alumni and fans showed to cheer the top-ranked team on.

Now, Skyloft is officially is a designated game watch location of the Ohio State Alumni Club of Orange County, and the flags are proudly flying for a second season.

Watch for Gameday Updates

In college ball, the networks only set start times for games a few weeks in advance. Right now, just the first three Buckeye dates and times are set. Check out these set dates and well as OSU Buckeye updates in my calendar section at my blog,

Buckeyes Unite!

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