A whole bunch of recovering sea lions bask in the sun and play in the pools at the PMMC after months of life-saving care.

A whole bunch of recovering sea lions bask in the sun and play in the pools at the PMMC after months of life-saving care.

Now that we’re past the Memorial Holiday, Laguna Beach is in full summer swing. I’ve never seen a busier month of parties and celebrations than what we have coming down the pike in June. Heralding the coming month of June parties, though, is the most meaningful of ’em all – this coming Sunday, May 31 … the Martini Madness Party at Madison Square & Garden Cafe in North Laguna.

Now a very popular annual event, Martini Madness is all about helping our coastline’s seals and sea lions as the entire party raises funds for the Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC). Martini Madness is all about a couple hundred happy people, hundreds of martinis from the Jon Madison crew, and hundreds of chances to win Alaska Airline tickets and bid for silent auction items in a fun, 2.5 hour event. The event runs just 4:30 p.m to 7:00 p.m.

Support the PMMC with Martini Madness Tickets
Tickets are just $35 online or $40 at the door. Purchase online here.

Support the PMMC with Inexpensive Raffle Tickets, Direct Through Me!
You can also purchase inexpensive raffle tickets from me, too. For just $20 a ticket or $100 for 7 tickets, here’s your chance to win 2 roundtrip Alaska Airlines tickets anywhere they fly in the world (and now they fly to Costa Rica, yeah!). Call me direct at (949) 637-1995 or email me at Diane@LagunaBeachBest.com and I’ll deliver or mail these tickets direct to you! But you’ve got to act THIS WEEK! (You don’t have to be present to win, but you do have to have the ticket purchased before the raffle wheel rolls on Sunday, May 31st.)

You know this event is a biggie for me, given my connection and love for the PMMC. You’ve probably heard about the enormous onslaught of sick sea lions this year, and the PMMC has been overloaded, working 24 hours around the clock to save hundreds of sea lion lives.

When I visited the PMMC this last Thursday, I couldn’t believe how many HUGE, healthy sea lions and seals we have recovering … and just about ready to be returned to the sea! … thanks to the love and care of the PMMC crew.

After the unexpected and terrible deliberate poisoning of 17 of these recovering mammals a few weeks ago (no worries, the PMMC saved them all over again), we need to keep supporting this amazing entity and the many, many staff and volunteers who give so much of their lives to this cause.

Folks, this is the last time I’ll be asking you all year. Call me, email me, get online for tickets and let’s show these people how much we appreciate all they do for our struggling marine mammals. I’ll see you at Martini Madness!

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