Moulin Laguna Beach

After decades of serving up pastries and coffee, Scandia Bakery closed its doors a few months ago. And then … we all waited to see what was coming next. Interestingly, the rumor is true – the very popular Moulin Bistro is expanding from Newport Beach to Laguna’s downtown store. They’re hoping for an early summer opening.

Originally begun by Chef Laurent Vrignaud in 2014, the small bistro/bakery boomed from its opening day. From their release this week, here’s what Chef Laurent has to say about his expansion for Moulin Laguna Beach:

“Laguna Beach has a special place in my heart. Its unique, relaxed vibe reminds me of the seaside communities across France,” explains Laurent, who moved to Laguna Beach with his family in 2002. “In Laguna Beach, everyone walks about town, just as they do in the villages of France. For this reason, it has been my dream to recreate the café culture of coastal France here in Laguna Beach.”

In the mornings, Moulin Laguna Beach guests will enjoy coffee and espresso beverages complemented with classic pâtisserie and boulangerie items as well as made-to-order crepes and waffles. Fresh baked breads and classic viennoiserie will be available in the early mornings and continuously baked fresh throughout the day.

In the afternoons and evenings, Moulin will serve its slow-cooked rotisserie chicken. A large window into the kitchen will showcase rotisserie chicken turning on specialty ovens imported from France. Guests can enjoy a glass of French wine or beer complemented with cheese and charcuterie. Exclusive to the new Laguna Beach location will be a selection of handcrafted ice cream elegantly served in a traditional coupe glaceé.

“Catering to the Laguna Beach lifestyle, Moulin will wake up and go to sleep with the city,” added Laurent. “Moulin Laguna Beach is a place designed by locals, for the locals.”

A full demolition and renovation on the space will result in new additions including a front patio, stand-alone coffee bar, and exhibition window into the kitchen. Much like its flagship location in Newport Beach, the new Laguna Beach location will offer a French experience for all the senses.



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