Zoolu Chef Michael

After my Best of Laguna Beach book signing today, I dragged my buddy, Don, to Cafe Zoolu … “dragged” as in I could hardly keep up with his fleet feet as he made his way to what is now one of his favorite restaurants in Laguna Beach … for good reason!

We got there early enough to grab a table in the front bar area. I’d only recommend the front bar or the counter itself to watch as Michael cooks. It’s an entirely different experience than being tucked back in the cottage of Zoolu.

Zoolu - Crab CakeCafe Zoolu’s offers a Kilimanjaro of food. I don’t know why we even asked for bread. For starters, we shared the giant Crab Cake, the size of a Dinty Beef Stew can.

Cafe Zoolu cioppinoThen, I ordered my favorite, the Cioppino, a veritable mixing bowl-sized serving of huge chunks of fish, pasta and delectable broth.

Cafe Zoolu pork chops Don ordered his favorite, the Pork Chops, which came piled on a mound of mashed potato renown and a side of  homemade applesauce for pork chop dipping.

No telling how long Chef Michael will continue to operate as he’s bound and determined to retire to Hawaii. Beat a fast path to his door while there’s still time.

See my complete review of Cafe Zoolu, pages 37-39 of my book, The Best of Laguna Beach.

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