Since we’re on the subject of sushi, this just in: A Japanese chef has leased the old Central location on Forest Avenue. The City has approved his conditional use permit (CUP) and he’s submitted a building plan for minor tenant improvements.

“Omakase” is actually a style of serving in a Japanese restaurant. Rather than ordering from a menu, the chef is responsible for deciding your evening’s menu. Mini courses (or, more familiarly, “tastings) can ramble to as many as 20 courses in a single sitting. In many restaurants, this varies from day to day, based entirely on the creative whims of the talented chef.

I’ve enjoyed this only once in my life in a fantastic sushi restaurant in Las Vegas. Much like the memorable meals I’ve had at the former Playground 2.0 in Santa Ana, it makes for a truly enjoyable evening where you literally practice “omakase” by putting your trust in the chef’s hands.

While I can’t say definitively that this is the plan for our newest sushi chef in Laguna Beach, the restaurant’s name does lend itself to fair speculation. I’ll have more details for you shortly.

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