The long-anticipated ROUX is opening on Tuesday, Aug. 15th at the old (local fave) Café Zoolu location. Completely remodeled from stem to stern in French quarter homeyness, and with an exciting menu based on authentic French Creole, ROUX is going to be a must-visit on a repeat basis.

Helmed by none other than “The Creole Chef of L.A.” Chef Norm Theard has used the time during the remodel to add tantalizing features to a menu that has already brought national accolades from the toughest food critics.

In my eyes, there’s just nothing better than a classically trained French chef in the heart of Laguna Beach. As Chef Theard notes on the home page of his site, “roux” (a foundational mix of flour and fat used to thicken sauces) is used in three of the “mother sauces” of classical French cuisine: béchamel, velouté and espagnole sauces.

In other words, my friends, ROUX should prove a foundational staple to the Laguna Beach community for years to come.

Reservation Lines Now Open!

Barring unforeseen weirdnesses, as of today (Friday, Aug. 4th) ROUX reservations can be made via the website at On next Monday or Tuesday, you’ll be able to call in for reservations, (949) 715-3707. Closed on Mondays, ROUX will otherwise be open six days a week, beginning at 5:00 p.m.

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