Back in August when ROUX opened, I was one delighted camper. It was easy to see that this Chef – Chef Norm Theard – knew his way around the kitchen in a most extraordinary way. He had joined us from L.A., having been The Creole Chef there where national accolades rained regularly on his head.

Now, The Creole Chef is making a name for ROUX Creole Cuisine with three recent top honors that include “Best Restaurant of 2017” from CBS Los Angeles.

Perhaps the hardest won honor, though, comes from restaurant critic Brad Johnson with the Orange County Register. A longtime food critic who rarely awards more than 3 “stars” in his 5-star system, Johnson gave ROUX a “4-star” rating, one of just three restaurants in Laguna Beach to earn 4 stars since 2012.

At year’s end, Johnson applauded ROUX one again, naming it the #2 Top New Restaurant in Orange County for 2017.

Days later, food critic Edwin Goel with OC Weekly gave first-place honors to ROUX, placing it at the top of the list for his “Top 5 Restaurants of 2017.”

 A Warm Welcome

The fact that ROUX has managed to gain such great attention in the quiet winter months in Laguna Beach is a testament to the stellar skills of the Chef and the cozy, friendly atmosphere he and his staff create for their guests.

From his best-selling Catfish (that’s nothing like any catfish I’ve ever tasted) to Shrimp Yvonne (named after his mother) and the rotating specials written on the night’s chalkboard (the Oysters Christine, named after his sister, are to die for), this is just the kind of place Laguna locals have been asking for.

“We see more people driving down from L.A. these days, and the concierges in Laguna have been so supportive in sending their guests over,” says Chef Norm.

“But this just wouldn’t be happening without the Laguna locals throwing their support behind us and visiting us regularly. It’s been a lovely welcome to the neighborhood.”

Expansion Plans in the Mix

A phenomenal chef is a welcome gift to Laguna locals, too, and many continue to return for the foodie experience offered nightly at ROUX. (Watch for upcoming Mardi Gras events and specials in early February!)

While Chef Norm and his crew are yet to be introduced to Laguna Beach’s crazy summer months, the Chef says he’s already looking to expand the ROUX brand and welcomes investor queries.

“It’s just great to get assurances that we’re on the right track,” he says.

Get in now to ROUX before the summer crowds hit, and tell them I sent you! ROUX is at 860 Glenneyre Street. Reservations: (949) 715-3707.

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