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I know you don’t want to hear this, but Thanksgiving is less than 100 days away. It falls late this year, too, which can cause even greater stress for corporate event planners and family heads-of-state who want to secure a great holiday dining or party experience.

All of Laguna’s restaurants are gearing up for holiday requests. Chefs across the city are telling me that bookings have already begun for those few prime days in November and December.

And, while I’m sure every restaurant is happy to negotiate large parties and buy-outs, I think it’s cool that the Molteni chef brothers at Royal Hawaiian Fire Grill have come up with a number of offerings for smaller, more interactive holiday parties, too.

“We’re booking catering parties and in-restaurant large holiday parties and buyouts for up to 150 people,” says Chef Maro Molteni. ” But we want smaller companies and family gatherings to know they’re just as important to us, so we came up with some fun twists on the usual holiday party.”

Fun Twists for Smaller Parties

In addition to their “Tiki Cocktail Parties” and holiday plated dinners, the Royal Hawaiian has also introduced Rum Tasting Events, Rum- or Wine-Chocolate Pairing Parties and Tiki Cocktail-Making Classes for groups of 12 to about 20.

“We’re working with a huge number of super-gourmet rums for our cocktail program,” says Royal Hawaiian Mixologist Sean Melia. “These events are a perfect way to teach our guests about the amazingness of higher-level rums.”


Chef’s Dinner + Lunches Too

After the initial success of their Chefs’ Dinners a few weeks ago, the Molteni brothers also are offering an off-the-menu, interactive Tasting Dinner for private parties up to 20. And, they’re opening the restaurant for holiday lunches and early cocktail parties (for all sized parties) from November through the end of January.

“The holidays are stressful enough,” says Chef Maro. “We want to do what we can to make holiday events flexible, easy and fun.

Until September 20th, Royal Hawaiian is offering an “Early Bird” Booking bonuses + guest gifts for any party booked between November 9th all the way through January 31, 2020. So, those of you wanting to get a great start on the New Year now have plenty of options – and rooms – for your kickoff meetings and parties.

Nothing wrong with using imagination and a little magic at the holidays, right? People interested in booking at Royal Hawaiian can email:

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