Cafe Zoolu Laguna Beach

Ah, how the rumor mill churns in Laguna Beach! Just to set the record straight on one circulating around Cafe Zoolu’s head …

Cafe Zoolu isn’t going anywhere … yet. 

Last week, the Orange County Register noted that Chef David Pratt was taking over Café Zoolu’s location with a new installment of his popular Brick restaurant (now in San Clemente).

Not true. At least not yet.

We would love to welcome Chef Pratt back to Laguna Beach. After his sous chef days at Picasso at the Bellagio, he opened the French bistro, Mirabeau in Dana Point, and then served as GM of Studio at the Montage. Needless to say, with his latest success at Brick, this chef knows his way around a kitchen.

Zoolu Cafe - Chef Michael

The Cafe Zoolu kitchen, however, is still under Chef Michael’s purview. While he and Toni are actively looking to retire from a 40-plus year in owning and operating restaurants, no solid contracts have yet been signed.

“He’s talked to us, and he’s interested, but we haven’t sat down to any contractual table,” says Chef Michael.


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