Poler flagship store in Portland

Yet another rumor circulating in Laguna Beach that I thought I’d track down for you, dear reader:

Portland-based Poler is actively constructing its office at the old Laguna Nursery location but its construction plans do not include an in-house Stumptown coffee shop.

“I think the rumor started because we’re going to be providing cold brewed bottles of Stumptown Coffee,” says Chris Noyes, President of Poler. “But we’re not interested in opening another coffee house in Laguna.”

Noyes, who was raised in Laguna Beach, is looking forward to creating a mesh of worlds between his beloved beach town and his second home, Portland.

“We’ll be offering a tighter collection of our Poler apparel, camping gear and home goods, but we’ll be adding in Laguna Beach oriented items, too,” he adds.

Yet another import from Portland? Pints and mini-pints of famed Salt & Straw ice cream. (We’re talking a small freezer, folks, not an ice cream parlor.)

If all goes well with permits and construction schedules, look for Poler to open in time for holiday shopping.


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