As much as we hoped that our restaurants and bars would be able to keep their heads above water, some have grown weary of treading water. After 32 years as one of Laguna’s most loved sushi restaurants, San Shi Go was still operating on Saturday evening, Feb. 27th. On Sunday morning, they noted on their website that they were permanently closed. By Tuesday, they had moved out completely, even disconnecting their phone.

San Shi Go struggled through the pandemic year with both operational issues and pre-ordained building renovations that disallowed San Shi Go’s use of their patio for several months.

Just about every resident I’ve talked to has shared a favorite memory of San Shi Go. Back in the day, my BFF, Lisa, and I would meet for lunch to share a lemon salmon roll, and my friends, Terri and Greg, introduced me to truly memorable Sake tasting events there. Fortunately, their great sushi and sake is still in play a bit north of here – the same family owns San Shi Go in Newport Beach near the Balboa Fun Zone. Rumors are already flying on possible resurrection of the restaurant or the entry of new tenants. Stay tuned in my social media platforms @BestofLagunaBeach

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