This last Friday morning, I woke up in a fabulous mood. Normally, I wake up in a great mood because … well … I love my life … but this morning, it was a fabulous mood. I laid there for a minute thinking,

“Is it my birthday? Nope, not my birthday?”

It is Saturday? Nope, not Saturday.”

And then I landed on it – I had a 90-minute massage scheduled with Lucy at Laguna Canyon Spa this afternoon. That’s like birthday and Saturday AND Christmas all rolled into one! I work out with a beast of a personal trainer – Craig Hartley, the Assistant Coach of the United States Rugby 7s team … ouch … and Co-Owner of Vivos Fitness in Dana Point. After Friday morning workouts with Craig, a massage with Lucy is like finding my way from hell to heaven in the span of a few hours.

If you haven’t tried it yet, I still say Laguna Canyon Spa offers the finest collection of massage therapists in Laguna Beach. Lucy, the owner, also offers a great “Loyalty” program, too, where repeat visits earn you substantial discounts in massages, facials and pilates-oriented workshops.

[singlepic id=480 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]And that’s the other area where Laguna Canyon Spa excels – PJ Mann, the pilates teacher and owner of Move With Ease, teaches a number of private sessions and workshops in pilates, stretching, and “Breathe Well” workshops. PJ Mann is so unique; she offers much more than any pilates class I’ve attended. In short, PJ Mann teaches you how to become friends with your body, working with it, and learning to listen to it to reduce stress and prevent injury. In just a few sessions, you learn how to work in partnership with your body, and you begin to feel a surprising new health, energy and ease. I’ve taken a few of her classes, and I’ve seen marked improvement in everything from the way I breathe at my desk to the way I run my trails. 

Now, PJ Mann is offering a new 75-minute Private Workshop, Release and Restore: Movement That Makes You Feel Better. Mention and you save $30 from this workshop’s regular $95 fee!

PJ calls Release and Restore an “Integrative Pilates” class, for couch potatoes and elite athletes alike. Based on her 9,000 hours of study and work with clients, this new workshop focuses on core development and flexibility to relieve shoulder, knee, back and hip pain (and that’s just for starters). In other words … hell to heaven in the span of a few workshop hours.

Contact PJ Mann directly at (949) 838-5223 to reserve your workshop. 

To find the Spa: The Laguna Canyon Spa is tucked off of Laguna Canyon Road behind the Beach City Mopeds sales and rental store. The Spa offers a large community room for classes and several massage rooms, facial studios and a pilates room.


© 2011, Diane Armitage,

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