Selanne Steak Tavern - Beef Tartare This last Wednesday, I brought two wealth managers with Merrill Lynch to Selanne Steak Tavern for an introduction and a try at the Selanne Happy Hour.

Fortunately, we were there just as the hostesses cracked the doors open as the bar filled quickly. Only the bar itself (not the surrounding tables) allows for the happy hour menu at Selanne, so consider yourself lucky if you’re able to grab one of the 18 or so bar stools … because once you’re in, you’re not going to give up that seat for anything. 

The Selanne Happy Hour Menu consists of just six food items, and not one person is complaining. Every one of the six items seems quite stellar. The Wagyu Beef Tartare I tried was fantastic, and that can be a touchy dish. One of my compadres ordered the Oysters and happily shucked and jived, while his business partner mowed his way through a rather enormous “Flash” burger made of sirloin AND short rib meat on a pretzel bun piled high with bacon and “angry” onions. An equally tall pile of truffle parmesan fries leaned on the plate, too.

Had it just been me trying not to be polite and business-minded, I would have taken a swipe at the Kobe Hot Dogs with homemade sauerkraut and a pile of hand cut fries. (Next time, I promise.) The Happy Hour menu also offers a popular Bone Marrow dish and a generous Artisanal Cheese Plate. Sorry, there were just three of us – you’ll have to wait for another visit to hear my take on those. They both seemed to be very popular items, though. 

The Selanne Happy Hour is just one hour long, from 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m., every day but Monday  (when they’re closed) and on Saturday (when they’re way too busy). 

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