Sergio's Empanadas Laguna Beach coming soon

A few weeks ago when I published my ” 11 Restaurants Opening in Laguna Beach” article, I sadly missed the reporting of Sergio’s new Empanadas shop, which will be situating itself next to Penguin Restaurant at 977 S. Coast Highway.

When I missed the reporting, a great hue and cry arose from Sergio’s faithful as this man and his mother, Maria Apascaritei, have made their definitive mark here in Laguna at the weekly Farmer’s Market. For years now, Sergio has been dishing out piping hot empanadas in a variety of flavor profiles. Now, he’ll be doing the same, accommodating about 20 people at a time in his new digs. (By the way, the new digs should be as fabulous as the food itself, thanks to Laguna Beach-based Kirk Nelson’s Design Intervention. I actually lived in one of Kirk’s renovated cottages when I first moved to Laguna Beach, which gave me plenty of reason to fall in love with this architecturally amazing town.)

Sergio tells me he should have doors open and empanadas baking at Sergio’s Empanadas by late August – I’ll know more by this week’s end.

Although Sergio and his family own the bakery, Cakes and Stuff, in La Habra, this is the first restaurant the family will be opening. (We’re quite honored to have them!) Their famed beef, sweet potato black bean and dessert empanadas, to name a few, will be available for eat-in or take-and-bake style. Check out his starter Sergio’s Empanadas Menu here, and check in to our Best of Laguna Beach Facebook page for opening details and first dining review!


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