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Thanks to extremely rough seas, temperature variations and who knows what else in recent weeks, our coastline is swamped with sick seal pups again.

Too closely reminiscent to last year’s onslaught of sick seals at this same time last year, our PMMC in Laguna Beach (Pacific Marine Mammal Center) is struggling to heal and strengthen more than 100 seal pups right now as more keep coming in the door. 

Melissa Sciacca told me this morning that the PMMC is going through more than 600 pounds of fish a day, one of many expenses that are quickly rising at the non-profit entity. 

How You Can Help

The PMMC could use everyone’s help with delivery of non-flavored Pedialyte (generic is OK), and monetary donations to put gas in the rescue trucks.

With the PMMC’s great fundraiser, Martini Madness just two weeks away on Sunday, May 18th, even your purchase of Martini Madness tickets will be a substantial help (they’re $35 per).

To drop donations, the address is: 20612 Laguna Canyon Rd, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 

As you’ve probably read in my previous posts and profile story of PMMC’s seal and sea lion hospital queen, Kirsten Sedlick, the PMMC in Laguna Beach is one of the country’s top-ranked marine mammal hospitals. In most years prior to last year, the PMMC rehabilitated and released about 100-120 seals and sea lions per year. Last year, though, saw a strange (and huge) influx in the spring, forcing the small hospital to act more like a MASH unit with hundreds of dehydrated and sick patients arriving daily.

This year, the staff had high hopes that things would return to “normal,” but it certainly isn’t the case. Let’s help these people out now so that we’ve all got something to celebrate when the Martini Madness rolls around.  

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