Sip and Shuck - Christian Sosa PhotographyMonday, Nov. 3rd update: Just chatted with Driftwood and Deck General Manager John Nye and, boy, this party has become a serious shinding. See my updates at the end of this article!

Last year, the owners of Driftwood Kitchen and The Deck came up with a marvelous idea: The Sip and Shuck Party. With a bevy of oysters and champagne as the primary guests of honor at this beautiful beachside restaurant venue, the Sip and Shuck also offered an array of tray-passed appetizers, signature cocktails and live entertainment. even better, they did it all in the name of a non-profit organization.

More than 200 people attended, and it was an all-around great party.

This year, in its 2nd annual effort on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 9th, the same owners have chosen to support the Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC) in their fabulous Champagne and Oyster Fest. If you know anything about me by now, you know this is extremely happy news for me as the PMMC is an entity I strongly support.

Director of Operations John Nye told me he chose the PMMC after hearing of the massive rescue efforts the staff there was performing each month. Mr. Nye and Chef Rainer Sschwarz: I adore the both of you even more now.

In chatting with both of these gentlemen, they tell me they’re planning “bigger and better” this year, and look forward to having even more people at the event.

We’ve been working on a few additional ideas that should make this an event you certainly don’t want to miss. Be sure to follow updates on my Facebook page,

Updates on the now-Sip and Shuck Shindig:

Acclaimed “guests of honor (oysters and champagne) will be introduced in royal style with shucked-to-order-oyster Master Ecailler Christophe Happillon (this guy actually has a diploma in manipulating and shucking oysters), and Champagne Ambassador Francois Beall hosting the Nicolas Feuillatte champagne and wine tastings.

For more beverage entertainment, look no further than hosted beer tastings, cocktails on tap in the Driftwood Stateroom, and Vodka cocktails from Ketel One served up on an ice-luge (but, of course).

Add in hundreds of small plates and appetizer bites from both foodie restaurants, the ever-popular photo booth, raffles, drawings and a swag shop for … you know … necessary swag.

Plus that experience with a performing sand castle artist and ultra-mod live painting and art exhibit from local artist Robin Noel Hiers.

And then, finally, toss in great live music performances throughout the 4-hour afternoon event from the amazing bluesy discovery Addie Hamilton to rock and blues favorite Jon Salazar and country rocker Eric Larson.

VIP Tickets Well Worth the Investment General admission tickets for 21-and-over party goers are available for $45. This includes oysters and small bites as well as champagne, wine, cocktail and beer samplings.

VIP is the ticket, though. Priced at $95, it includes everything the General Admission receives, but also offers access to the VIP lounge, private bartenders (shorter lines!), and the luxury bungalow deck and living rooms with private entertainment and food offerings.

Get Sip and Shuck tickets here, and support the hard-working PMMC in the process. The event runs from 2 – 6 p.m. I’ll see you there!


Photo credit: Christian Sosa Photography

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