[singlepic id=587 w=320 h=240 float=right]Skimboarders, just a reminder that this Sunday, April 29th marks the last stop of the Green Eggs and Am “tour.” After hitting Balboa and Aliso Creek Beach in March, this final event occurs at West Street Beach in South Laguna Beach. (Click the poster image for a larger view.)

Largely headed up by pro skimboarders Paulo Prietto and Steve Taylor, Green Eggs and Am is designed to bring the groms and ammies out for a look-see. With the pro Skimboard Tour mere weeks from its own 2012 starting line, the Green Eggs and Am Trifecta is an awesome spotlight for the amateur up-and-comers in the, ehrm, rather insane world of skimboarding.

But, even if you’re not itching to hit the pro ranks, you’re more than welcome to strut your stuff – all are welcome here, and, hey, no worries that a solid number of skimboard pros will be turning out to watch you from the sidelines.

Side note here: At last month’s Aliso Creek event, several pros took to the water for a surprise heat of their own; Sammie Stinnett walked with the Green Eggs Pro Crown. So, you never know what the pros might decide to do this coming Sunday at West Street, one of the foundational beach fronts in the history of skimboarding.

At Green Eggs and Am, rather than competing by age class, you’re competing in one of three divisions – Loraxes (Beginners), Sneetches (Intermediate) and Grinches (Advanced). Entry is $20 per contest. Contact Paulo direct at solagorder@gmail.com with any questions, or just roust the boys up when you’re on the beach Sunday morning.

If you’re not familiar with Laguna’s West Street Beach, public stair access is at West Street (there’s a stoplight there), which is just up the hill on PCH, south of Aliso Creek Beach. There are a lot of stairs, but this event will be worth the small trek.

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