[singlepic id=584 w=320 h=240 float=right]I ran into Exile Skimboard’s Steve Taylor this morning at coffee, and he filled me in on the amateur skimboarding event tomorrow, March 31st, 2012, at Aliso State Beach in Laguna Beach. Originally scheduled for West Street Beach, the promoters moved the event to better accommodate the predicted big south swell moving into play this weekend.

This event is a genius brainchild on the parts of Taylor and Paulo Prietto, both longtime pro skimboarders in the international circuit. Why not start getting an eye on the up-and-coming groms (and older guys, too) in the skimboarding haven of Laguna Beach? With the predicted South swell on Saturday, these amateurs might even have a chance to show real chops at the event.

Aptly titled Green Eggs and AM,  the amateur skimboard divisions are categorized by ability, not age. Loraxes are beginners; Sneetches are the Intermediates; and Grinches are the Advanced boarders. Taylor says most amateurs self-qualify, but they’re happy to help anyone who’s not sure which Seuss category he/she belongs.

Entry is just $20 per contest. For those who do the first two contests, the final stage is just $10. Registration is on the sand  at Aliso, and those clipboards open around 8:00ish, with the event beginning around 9:00-9:30.

There’s always a “dark horse” surprise at the Green Eggs and AM, and you’re sure to see plenty of skimboard pros bookending the beach’s roped-off event with their own skim action throughout the day. Be sure to dial Green Eggs and AM into your Saturday, March 31st schedule for a look at the future of skimboarding.

Check out updates and details at:  facebook.com/GreenEggsandAm


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