Slapfish Tuna Melt Special

If you’ll remember from my first review on Chef Andrew Gruel’s wonderful Slapfish Restaurant, our dear Mr. Gruel isn’t just about the food. This whole shebang began with his interest in sustainable seafood. He was quite the astute researcher, flying all over the country and called into meetings for large entities and aquariums to help create educative resources on sustainability.

It was only in this process that he decided a restaurant would be the very best way to educate people on great tasting sustainable seafood processes. So, for the next 6 weeks, he’s kicking it up another notch with his repeat “Summer of Sustainability” campaign.

Meaning for us? We get to try fresh, responsibly sourced seafood specials every week at Slapfish that might even top the already-great menu offerings in place. (I say “might. It’s a tall order, I know, especially with that killer Lobster Roll of his.)

Slapfish’s Summer of Sustainability starts this Monday, June 16th with a Wild Pacific Albacore Tuna Melt with spinach, cucumber, tomato and “awesome sauce.” This tuna is “troll caught” and pole caught, not dragged into huge nets along with other fish and sea animals that aren’t even the target. 

I’ll be reminding you about these specials as the weeks go along (with photos!), but for the record, you might want to be choosing your own favorites and marking your calendar:

Week 2, June 23-June 29 features a BBQ Yellowtail Banh Mi Sandwich, a fresh baguette packed with pickled radish, cucumber, carrots, jalapeno and spiced yellowtail.

Week 3, June 30 -July 6 is all about an Alaskan Halibut Po Boy – fried halibut with lettuce, tomato, pickled peppers and Tabasco aoili.

Week 4, July 7-July 13 features a Crispy White Seabass Taco – stuffed into a fried corn shell with pickled red onion and cabbage and rooster dressing.

Week 5, July 14 – 20 is a Copper River Salmon Hand Pie, gently fried and stuffed with avocado and chiles, and served with a tomatillo sauce.  

Week 6, July 21 – July 27 features the Baked Carlsbad Luna Oysters, stuffed with wild mushrooms and bacon with a herb crust. 

Thanks, Slapfish, for making our Laguna Beach summer even more delightful!


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