For months, we’ve been happily anticipating the arrival of Slapfish Laguna Beach. Last winter, the crazy-popular HuntingtonBeach restaurant chose to expand its operation into the Laguna Beach “food court” area on Broadway (just next to Carmelita’s), and they’re finally opening this Tuesday, May 6th.

I just spent the evening at Slapfish in a pre-opening event, and can’t tell you anything about the food YET as I’ll be featuring a large write-up in next Friday’s StuNewsLaguna. However, I CAN say that you definitely do NOT want to miss the free lobster roll giveaway they’re doing on Tuesday at 11:00 a.m.

Call in sick to work. Take an extended lunch hour. (No. You cannot cut class.) Do what needs to be done to be in line as one of the first 100 people to receive Slapfish Laguna Beach’s signature decadence – a monstrous lobster roll stuffed with super-fresh, sustainable lobster.  Only the first 100 win, so I’d advise lining up early.

Trust me on this one. Be there. 

More later on this great, fun restaurant next Friday, May 9th at StuNewsLaguna!              

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