A few times in this blog of mine, I’ve mentioned the “little garden that could,” a blossoming, beautiful community garden in South Laguna Beach.

Perched at Eagle Rock Way and PCH on what used to be scrubby vacant lot dirt, the South Laguna Community Garden is now a mecca of privately owned garden plots, kids’ gardens, picnic tables and hand-chiseled benches. No matter what the time of day, you will find any number of people tilling the soil, harvesting their own “crops,” or sipping coffee with a friend on one of the handy benches.   

Mind you, it was no small feat to put this Community Garden in place. While my good friend, Morrie Granger, was the first to get the idea rolling back in 2009,  there were lines of people willing to “rent” a garden box of their own (there’s still a waiting list today). And, there were many gracious donors to this little neighborhood project, including the South Coast Water District, many businesses and individuals and  Ruben Flores’ Laguna Nursery’s massive help with dirt, boxes and free gardening workshops.


Community Garden’s Soil Is Up For Sale

Now that the Community Garden stretches to every corner of the vacant lot, the owner who originally agreed to the land being cleared and tilled has put the property up for sale. The folks behind the garden are working diligently with the city, Laguna businesses and private donors to actually buy the land, thereby keeping this plush little parcel of peace in place. Any effort, of course, on your end is extremely helpful … imagine if each resident of Laguna just donated just $20 through their online donation form here: Save the Community Garden 

You can also write a check to the CVOC/SL Garden Park and mail it. Instructions are here: SaveTheGardenPark.com

For the time being, the South Laguna Community Garden continues to celebrate its happy existence by asking anyone and everyone to join them at their FREE Spring Fling Festival and Potluck on Sunday, April 28th.

From 2 p.m. – 5 p.m., bring a potluck dish to share, pack in your own drinks, and participate in live entertainment, children’s activities, Chef Corky’s cooking demonstrations, and more. It’s a great, annual neighborhood event that has quickly gathered and collected surrounding neighborhoods and communities to its leafy, green bosom.   

P.S. And, uhmm . . . this request coming from your Laguna Beach Guru-ess – If you just happen to stick a check in your pocket made out to “CVOC/SL Garden Park” for even $10 or $20, I’m sure one of the founders there at the Festival would be beyond delighted and eternally grateful to receive it. 

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