[singlepic id=581 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]Well, wonder of all wonders, Laguna Beach’s Stand Up Paddle Co (SUP) looks to be back in business and opening shop just a stone’s throw from their previous location. (And thank you, dear LBBest.com reader for alerting me!)

Interesting how conflict and more conflict begets a happy solution. Our Trash Pretty store at 1103 South Coast Highway (a couple stores down from Wahoo Fish Tacos), seemed to have been going through some personnel issues over the last few months and rightful owners were feeling somewhat wronged.

Then, our SUP boys, who had made quite a happy splash in Laguna Beach, were purportedly and unexpectedly at odds with their landlord at their 1099 South Coast Highway location, and closed up shop in a matter of days to move to less expensive pastures in San Clemente.

While SUP’s former location still shows forlorn lease signs in every window, our neighboring Trash Pretty quietly closed its doors just a couple weeks ago.

[singlepic id=582 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]Happy ending to the story? SUP signed the lease for Trash Pretty’s former locale, and they’ll be open again for business in Laguna Beach in just a matter of weeks.

Thanks, SUP! We missed seeing you paddle your charges around the lapping waves off of Oak Street. More info on what SUP Phase II has planned for Laguna Beach coming shortly.


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