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Shortly after I moved to Laguna Beach, the Laguna Dance Festival was launched, but I didn’t immediately grasp the level of talent these folks brought in for the 3-day fest.

It’s why Founder Jodie Gates created the Laguna Dance Festival in the first place, actually. What an introduction to phenomenal global dance talent it’s been for all of us!

This year, beginning on Sept 10th (my birthday! What a great day!), the Laguna Dance Festival kicks off at the Laguna Playhouse with touted Havana, Cuba’s Dance Company, Malpaso. This is their first introduction to the west coast and promises to be a crazy high energy, dazzling contemporary dance. Even the New York Times gave this dance company sensational critical reviews, and it’s a rarity, indeed, that Laguna Beach nabbed this company before either L.A. or San Francisco was able to.

Malpaso performs on both Thursday and Friday evenings at the Playhouse with tickets still available.

On Saturday and Sunday, it’s the Alonzo King LINES Ballet, yet another rare performance and a must see. Alonzo King has been titled a “ballet visionary” with the artistic direction he lends his San Francisco-based company. The troupe will be performing Bach’s Concerto No. 1 in D Minor as well as King’s newest work, Biophony – a first-ever collaboration with environmental soundscape artist Dr. Bernie Krause. Interesting!

Tickets are still available for the LINES performances on the 12th and 13th, and a few prize tickets remain for the VIP Artist Reception on Saturday evening following the performance.

This is truly a labor of love for the founders of Laguna Dance Festival and a rare annual event for Laguna Beach. More details and tickets:

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