[singlepic id=491 w=320 h=240 float=right]Until this year, there have been two INFAMOUS and highly revered PRIVATE Halloween Parties in Laguna Beach. This year, though, one of them has gone public, moving from a private residence to the White House Restaurant on PCH just a block south of Forest. Why the commercial entity? Because it simply gotten TOO LARGE!

When I first moved to Laguna Beach, I heard about these two private Halloween parties – one in North Laguna Beach and one in South Laguna Beach – but each required a formal invitation, and it took a few years before I was enough of a “resident” to be invited to both … I mean, these are SIGNIFICANT parties!

The Halloween Party that’s still reliant on private invitation is in South Laguna Beach, and it already occurred this past Saturday night. For 38 years strong, this is a monster party – hosted by one couple – with live bands, moneyed costume contests and more food and drink than any pirate’s ship can handle. Last count, I’d figure about 400 people. Sorry, private invitation to this Boo Fest still required. You have a year now to get to know someone who can get you in.

The Dead Man’s Party – the North Laguna Beach Halloween phenom – was created by Bruce White (aka Shark Bite Lounge) 24 years ago. This is an insane party, complete with renowned tunnel entrance that tends to intimidate claimed heartier souls. Well, this thing has gotten so big that they simply can’t do it in their cottage home any longer … thus the move to The White House Restaurant. And now it’s OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

This fantastic party won’t allow you in the regular PCH entrance, but through said famous tunnel from the back alley behind the restaurant. You pay a $20 cover charge. Live bands. Special drink concoctions every hour. Halloween costume contests. And the party rocks till whatever hour.

So, bottom line: It stinks that Halloween is on a Monday night … Thankfully, you have The Laguna Beach 2011 Dead Man’s Party at the White  House to get you through. I kid you not – this is going to be one memorable time. After 24 years, you’d better believe the makers have it dialed in! See you there!


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