[singlepic id=280 w=320 h=240 float=left]The ongoing search for Laguna Beach’s best margarita continues. Keep sending in your comments and I will faithfully donate my gall bladder to science in an effort to taste test your votes.

In the last week, I had 46 comments arrive with votes for Laguna Beach-based Coyote Grill (tried it), 230 Forest (tried it), Nick’s Laguna Beach (tried it), Sun Dried Tomato (tried it), K’ya (haven’t gotten there yet), The Royal Hawaiian (tried it), The Lumberyard (scheduled for tomorrow), The Saloon (haven’t gotten there yet), and Sapphire Restaurant (tried it awhile back but, man, who wants to spend that kind of money again?)

As I said in my introductory column, margaritas are an entirely subjective experience, so I’m only going to cover the margs I think should join the Laguna Beach Best Margaritas List with the first two I mentioned last week (The White House Restaurant and Hotel Laguna’a Terrace Restaurant). You, however, are welcome to try any of the margaritas at the above listed establishments!

For the record, this is such intensive testing that I’m doing no more than 3 sips per drink. If I were downing all of these, I’d be sick as a dog, assuredly. My personal trainer, Craig Hartley, however, is still appalled that I’ve taken up this subject of research at all, and insists we include Skinny Margaritas on the list.

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Actually, a number of you folks mentioned skinny margaritas in your votes, and I’m all for a healthier alternative to a low-cal solution built around a full shot of tequila. Craig’s vote (along with 9 others) was for Nick’s Skinny Margarita. I tried it, and I agree. Concocted largely with limejuice and a splash of soda, it’s quite refreshing and not at all gummy as some margaritas can be.

Nick’s Skinny Margarita officially makes it to the Best Margaritas of Laguna Beach list.

I tried three other recommended skinnys but, in my opinion, they didn’t have enough meat on their bones to make it to The List.

But here’s the real surprise – The Royal Hawaiian. Now, if any of you know the longtime history of this establishment, you might also be familiar with their drinks … so loaded with liquor that your eyes are normally crossed before you finish even one.

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When I told the Royal Hawaiian yesterday that many of my readers had mentioned their margaritas, they were as surprised as I was. They serve up so many Lapu Lapus there (a heady mix of LOTS of rum, pineapple, orange juice, passion fruit and dark rum); they were amazed that anyone remembered a drink beyond that renowned favorite.

Royal Hawaiian’s “Gary’s Special,” however is one fine margarita. They toss in Don Julio Blanco, then triple sec, limejuice and a splash of soda. That’s it; lean, mean and definitely making tracks as one of the top contenders of the Best Margaritas of Laguna Beach list.

So, we now have 4 margaritas on the Best Margaritas in Laguna Beach list.

Keep the votes rolling in. And as a postscript … the mention of The Saloon reminded me that our two other official “taverns” in Laguna Beach have not yet been mentioned. Travesty! Surely The Marine Room and The Dirty Bird (Sandpiper) serve up mean margaritas … right? Anyone got firsthand knowledge on that, or are you going to force me to add this to my own list?

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