I know this might sound like a really odd thing to say, but after 30 years of interviewing and marketing some of the most iconic individuals in the world, I still find chefs to be some of the most unique human creatures on our planet. Every time I interview a chef, I learn something amazing about him or her. These people live with a passion and authenticity that drives them beyond what most of us do or realize in our day.

And, when these chefs talk about their passion for non-profit Illumination Foundation’s OC Chef’s Table, it’s even more intriguing to me. It’s been one of my greatest pleasures interviewing these people in what I call a fast-moving, quick read series, “Five for Five” series – 5 Questions in 5 Minutes.

Learn more about your favorite (and highly vaunted) O.C. Chefs who will be creating masterpiece dinners this coming March at OC Chef’s Table 2019 … with a bit of L.A. mixed in, too! … in my latest interviews:

Chef Magellan MooreMastro’s Ocean Club, Newport Coast – he talks grandmother, family reunions and chef-inherent energy in the Mastro’s kitchen as well as the eye-opening experience of his first OC Chef’s Table.

Chef Steven AndersonCalifornia Fresh Catering, Tustin – he talks cookin’ for Andrea Bocelli and why his latest passion is Sous Vide Pork Belly.

Chef Joseph Tripi Trevor’s at the Tracks, San Juan Capistrano – he talks discovering his mom’s deep fat fryer at an early age and the meaning of the family heirloom, the “white sauce pot.”

Chef Andrew Gruel – 14 Slapfish locations – he talks judging on the Food Network, a childhood love for Sara Lee, and hanging out with Meghan Markle.

Leo RazoVilla Roma & Cambalache – he talks support and love for two homeless men he hired, and why he participates in OC Chef’s Table every single year. (photo credit on this blog entry: OC Comestibles)

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