For the record, you should be hydrating and getting as much rest as possible because there are about 92 holiday events going on in Laguna Beach this weekend. BUT, no napping through these three pre-weekend Thursday events (Dec 2nd). In short:

If you’re looking for great stocking stuffers: Check out the Bubbles 10th anniversary party from 6 – 9 p.m. on Dec. 2nd. Bubbles is in the Hotel Laguna (its front door sits on PCH) and offers every imaginable kind of soap, scrub, bubble bath and wash (even Anti-Monkey Butt Powder with Calamine for those people who chaff in your life). They’ll be doing champagne and hors d’ouevres to get you in that early holiday spirit, so trot on down with a Santa hat firmly planted on that head of yours.

Seniors: If you’re looking to put together photo albums this holiday: Learn how to organize, edit, share and create digital albums (that are then mailed to you as “real” albums) at the Susi Q computer class from 9-11 a.m., or from 1-3 p.m. (You know the Susi Q center, right? It sits between the fire station and Laguna’s only “traffic ski hill”  at 380 3rd St.) Cost is $10. Bring your camera, memory chip and cable connector.

If you’re ready for some serious new perspective:The highly-touted movie, Race to Nowhere, has made its way to the Laguna South Coast Cinema thanks to Laguna Coffee and the Laguna Beach Parent Education Association. The movie focuses on the high-stakes, high-pressure culture that has invaded schools and children’s lives. Critics love this movie and it’s earned a mob of awards. Tix are just $10 and you can buy your tickets in advance by clicking here.

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