Tonight, I headed to Laguna Beach’s Ky’a Restaurant for a quick couple of small plates. As you’ve probably gathered from my previous posts, in my opinion, this is one restaurant in town that can do no wrong.

As I sidled up to the only bar seat available, I found myself sitting next to an Aussie from a favorite town of mine there in Aussie. A very wise soul had suggested he try the Surf & Sand Hotel (definitely a top Laguna Beach hotel pick) as he carried out his business inland. He said he’d been in town a couple of days, had walked past K’ya few times, and had decided it was a “Must See” before he departed Laguna. Smart man.

He asked what to do in Laguna Beach in the AM, given a short time schedule before his departure for New York. So many choices and options to narrow down! Really, what would be the quintessential experience for an early AM riser in Laguna Beach?

Well, two coffee options:  Laguna Coffee, just south of the middle of town, or The (venerable) Orange Inn, nestled there in the middle of town across from Ralph’s Grocery.

For breakfast proper? Well, on the south side of town, The Coyote Grill offers that fabulous (and local) Fish & Eggs dish that everyone raves about (including me). In the middle of town, it’s a toss up between the local favorite, Zinc Cafe, or … just  a couple hundred steps up and inland on the same street … Anastasia’s Cafe.

There. I’ve narrowed it down for you. Take a morning to choose and enjoy the same, and be sure to  let me know if you agree with the LagunaBeachBest opinion.

Enjoy your week!

© Diane Armitage,

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