Todo Mundo Nov 6th concert Pepe Gonzalez is arriving in Laguna Beach on Thursday, Nov. 6th and, for the record, he promises to be even livelier than the City Council race we will have put to bed two days prior.

Pepe, an energetic, fun presence in his own right, will be joining the extremely talented and vivacious band, Todo Mundo, at the Women’s Club for a full evening of Spanish Rumba, Reggae and Samba.

This is a party you do not want to miss. Tickets are on sale now, $28 in advance and $35 for an added wine tasting event at or by calling (800) 595-4849.

Pepe’s coming to the party, you see, because it’s time you got up and danced. This guy has dancing genes in his blood and he believes everyone – even you – possess the same shakin’ kind of genes. He’s showing up at 5:30 on Thursday, Nov. 6th, to teach anyone who’s purchased a ticket the easy art of salsa dancing. (Yes, contrary to what you might believe, salsa is easy when Pepe’s at the helm.)

At about 6:00, when award-winning Todo Mundo takes to the stage, you’re going to find yourself believing you were born with dancing genes, too. Pepe is that good.

After relocating to the United States several years ago, Pepe literally jumped into dance upon meeting the great Rudy Zalez, who has done a great deal of choreography and dancing in several movies including Dirty Dancing, Havana Nights and Dance With Me.

Pepe now performs regularly and teaches at Irvine’s Atomic Ballroom because … well, as Pepe believes, everyone needs to dance a little more in their lives.

Now, as to Todo Mundo … well, they think everyone in the entire world needs to dance a lot more in their lives.

Led by well-known vocalist Santiago Orozco, this longtime band of percussion, drums and horns is consistently nominated and winning “Best World Music Album” awards. These guys know how to get your blood pumping and feet moving. Give them about 60 seconds and you’re not going to be able to help yourself.

Their engaging, contagious energy celebrates life and unity, with the aim of connecting people from all walks of life, beliefs and heritage (even recent city council campaigns!).

There are some wonderful co-sponsors behind this annual event, including the Festival of Arts Foundation, lodging establishments and the City of Laguna Beach, and LagunaBeachLive!.

Now, you know whenever Laguna Beach Live! gets behind a musical performance here in Laguna, it’s a must-have, fast-selling ticket. Laguna Beach Live! is the purveyor of the amazingly successful jazz series at The Ranch (this past summer) and Seven Degrees (upcoming winter), as well as sold-out Bluegrass, Gospel Brunch and the co-sponsored Laguna Beach Music Festival (every February).

Clearly, Laguna Beach Live! has its finger on the pulse of great, globally acclaimed music, and we’re the lucky residents who have it handed to us on a silver platter. This event on Thursday, Nov. 6th, is another silver platter. Take the offer. It’s going to be one invigorating, fun evening for all. Tickets again are $28 in advance and $35 with wine tasting at or by calling 800-595-4849. Food and drinks will be available for purchase separately at the event.

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