tomato plants at Laguna Nursery, Laguna Beach

Get that spring garden of yours rockin’ with hearty tomato plants!

Tomorrow, Thurs, March 28, Ruben is at it again at his fabulous Laguna Nursery with an all-day adoration festival for tomatoes.

Visit the Nursery’s upper level parking lot to participate in tomato tastings and quick educational pieces on the best tomato varietals for your specific garden. You will also find a spectacular array of  tomato plants on sale. 

I just spent a “zen” hour at Laguna Nursery this past Sunday and can assure you – you’ll find any other possible thing you need for your triumphant garden here, too. From garden ornaments to fountains, and veggie food to every possible starter herb and vegetable plant, you not only have every supply you need, but will be carting home that inherited Ruben Flores green thumb aura, too!   

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